Our Courses Focus on Seven Main Skills

Body Language | Conversational Agility | Assertiveness | Humor | Magnetism | Approach and Introduction | Belief Systems

Co-Ed Comprehensive Course

Become a social dynamo with this dynamic, six-week, co-ed course. Beginning with the fundamentals, this comprehensive course covers theory, hands-on exercises and real world training in all seven social skills described above. We cover romance and dating, networking, friendships, family and business. Classes are kept small with plenty of time to try out techniques and gain practice in a safe environment. This class is for everyone and runs once a week from 6:30-9:30PM.

Private Coaching

If there are specific areas you would like to work on we can customize private sessions on a one on one basis using a flat package or hourly rate.

Speaking and Corporate

Let us know if your organization would like Jaunty to teach a workshop for your next lunch and learn or quarterly event. We can create a custom session or course for your teams to solve issues, increase revenue, or enhance your culture.

What Our Alumni Say

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People skills are all learnable. Our courses help students:

  • Learn how to talk with anyone
  • Unlock the secrets of body language
  • Find love
  • Become a leader
  • Enhance your social circle and meet new friends
  • Connect with others
  • Replace social anxiety with confidence
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