Jaunty is the gym for your
social life

 Connect with people during the pandemic and join the thousands like you who have trained with the world’s best social skills instructors.

"We learned simple but powerful Jedi skills for creating deeper personal connections, unlocking a lifetime of professional, social, and romantic abundance."
Jim Patterson

"The Social Hack!"
Metro Silicon Valley

"When more introverted people ask me how I became more confident with myself, with making friends, or as a speaker, I always tell them about Jaunty. Jaunty taught me how to talk to people, really connect with them, and how to have endless conversations anywhere."
Laura Pena

How to get started

Sign up for a free workshop, start a coaching program, or become a social dynamo with our Six-Week Comprehensive Course.

Learn the skills and actually use them

  • Body language                          
  • Meeting new people                
  • Conversational agility               
  • Managing social anxiety          
  • Asking for things you need      
  • Flirting and dating                    
  • Public speaking                         
  • Storytelling                                
  • Saying no                                   

Get results

  • Gain self confidence                 
  • Create a great social circle       
  • Connect with people at work  
  • Find and maintain a love life    
  • Make real friends                      
  • Be more charismatic                
  • Get invited to events               

Have Community

Learn in live classes where we actually role-play and go out and practice in the real world for homework and join the Jaunty community who support each other in creating the best relational lives possible!

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