Advancing social intelligence.

Jaunty is a dojo for people skills. Come join the thousands like you who have joined our courses and trainings to enhance and strengthen their social skills.

Next Level Confidence

The relationship and image you have with yourself is critical. Come see what you can do when you increase your social skills ability, re-evaluate your belief systems, and manage your social anxiety.

Personal Connections

Meet new people and build deep relationships. Expand your social circle with friends, family or romantic partners. Most importantly, find your favorite ways to socialize and create abundance and fulfillment in these areas.

Communication at Work

Learn and practice assertiveness and business savvy to increase your respect, leadership, and make you revered in the office and networking world.

"The Social Hack!"
Metro Silicon Valley

How to get started

Sign up for a free workshop, start coaching, or become a social dynamo with our Six-Week Comprehensive Course.

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