Andrea Misir: New York Marketing Magic Maker and Karaoke Queen


By Fayette Fox, Jaunty’s Writer and Community Manager
“I’m a weird person, I like good ads,” says Andrea Misir, Jaunty’s Social Media Manager. “We know people don’t like be advertised to.” So she’s been “finding smarter and better ways” to get messages across.
At 25, Andrea, has lived her whole life in New York. She’s a big foodie who wants to travel and see the world. She holds a bachelor’s in Business Administration from Baruch College of the City University of New York.
“I view advertising as a way for businesses to get a hold of people who would really benefit from their products and services. Social media has evolved, becoming a part of advertising without being all up in people’s faces all the time. It’s great to be a part of that, connecting people with something that can improve their lives, like Jaunty workshops.”
Andrea uses social media to spread the word about Jaunty’s upcoming workshops, and finds compelling content to share with our audience. Lately she’s been posting articles on dating, body language, quizzes, and advice. Also Buzzfeed articles, because, “Everyone likes Buzzfeed articles and everyone who doesn’t like them is just in denial.”
Andrea has over four years of experience in digital, mobile, and social media, working with brands like Sprint, Johnson & Johnson, Showtime, and Red Bull. She’s fascinated by the psychology of advertising and laughs describing a future with targeted ads like in “Minority Report.”


In addition to socializing, Andrea enjoys writing, painting, and breakdancing. She also loves singing and is, “probably one of the few people who will karaoke sober.” She believes social anxiety comes from fear of rejection or being ridiculed. In high school she messed up during a performance, with her crush in the front row videotaping her. The scarf around her hip fell off, mid-routine. Everyone laughed and she felt a little embarrassed. But she just went on with the routine as if nothing even happened.

“It could have been worse,” she laughs. “My pants could have fallen off!” Attending Jaunty workshops and working with Eric has helped Andrea become more aware of how she communicates. She likes weaving and working on her conversational agility.
“I’ve become a lot more mindful about how I interact, especially with my boyfriend. We have our disagreements, as any couple does. I’ve been a lot more honest. ‘This is what you said. This is how I feel. What kind of solution can we come up with so this doesn’t happen again?'”

In the past Andrea feels she was pretty closed about her emotions. She used to think if she “shared too much” she could come across as a petty. Eric has taught her it’s okay to show your feelings.
“As long as you’re honest and have open communication,” Andrea says, “The other person needs to respect your emotions. If they don’t, they’re not a good person to be around.” 

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