How Quarantine Romantically Nudged Us

“Have you been tested?” my friend messaged her in the dating app Bumble. “Yes, about four months ago and I’ve only been with one person since, and we were safe,” she replied. “Well that’s good to know, but I was talking about Covid lol,” he quipped back… The pandemic has changed dating. This includes the […]

That person in the mirror

Think about your cause. Is your cause revolved around family, a social issue, a political issue, getting a product or service out to people, or even a charitable cause? What is it? How are your efforts in your cause succeeding?Something may be missing from your answer. The answer could be YOU.   Something I have noticed […]

Get off on caring

Get off on caring

What if we size people up wrongly during conversation? Let’s say someone you just met was speaking to you about their favorite restaurant in the city, how would you react? How much would you invest in their communication to you? Who knows, it depends, right? There is a very high chance however that you would […]



Attaching ourselves to the outcome makes things more difficult. It is not good or bad. Approaching and saying hi to a stranger at a cafe can result in XXX or YYY? Taking a picture of myself with fun friends at the beach will produce XXX when I post it online. Asking my director for a raise in an […]

Light them up!

Light them up!

First, wow, you guys got me all charged up with your overwhelming responses to the last social challenge of playfully giving someone a task. Great job. And if you still haven’t done it (or know about it) it’s never too late. I ended up telling a cashier at The Market in the Twitter building that she […]

Too Late Baby?

Written by Eric Waisman ​I was having dinner with a Professor of Social Sciences in Berkeley and something she said turned my sense of time and progress gears in overdrive.  Aside from being extremely charismatic she has a thing where she says the right thing at the right time constantly.  When I mentioned I was […]

Talk People Up!

Written by Eric Waisman ​The holiday season is here, how are you feeling about all of these get-togethers and parties? Are you excited to mingle, or are you excited for it to be over with already? Either way, I hope you get invited to some great events and have many options for some social time.  It’s […]

Blame Me

Written by Eric Waisman I hope everyone is doing well. It’s been a while huh? Looks like I’ve slacked off writing you in August and September. I blame me, but maybe we can make that an attractive thing, let’s find out. I was having a deep conversation with a new friend in the middle of […]

Your Loss

By Eric Waisman, Jaunty’s Founder First off, thanks to everyone who attended my first rock show! We had a blast and I was blown away by how a large crowd influenced the energy and the experience. I’ve been thinking about songwriting lately and our songs are kinda obscure and they change and pivot in many […]

Make it easy

I recently was in Austin, one my favorite US cities. I stayed with a good friend who can do anything, from guitar building to running a podcast to starting a company. He’s really inspiring. I recommend hanging out with people like that as much as you can. In addition to his vintage camera he snapped this […]

Thumb pockets for better confidence

Zubin on hike during one of his solo travels By Fayette Fox, ​Jaunty’s writer “I like to organize events…parties,” said Zubin Dittia, a software engineer at a Silicon Valley startup. “I’m a connector. I like to bring people together. If I like someone, I include people in my circle of friends, trying to grow the […]

Fight, Flight, or…Something Else

Here’s how to avoid a barroom brawl (or getting walked all over) from Jaunty’s Head Instructor, Craig Gibbons. About a year ago, I was with some Jaunty students at a bar for one of our community get-togethers. I had my back against the bar as I sat on a barstool talking to a pair of […]

I Don’t Need Jaunty. I’m French.

By Alex De Carvalho, Jaunty Grad When I heard about Jaunty, I thought: “Social intelligence? This is not for me, I don’t need this, I’m from France, it’s in my blood”. After all, I had never had any problems making new friends or getting dates wherever I lived (France, Spain, Portugal, the U.S.). I was […]

Is being jaded a good thing?

By Eric Waisman, Jaunty’s FounderMaybe it’s that time of year, but more people seem stressed or nervous. There’s a word that keeps coming up in my social intelligence one-on-ones with folks, and that word is “jaded.” To me, jaded implies a certain cynicism, like you’ve done something so many times it doesn’t excite you anymore, […]

Can money buy happiness?

Visiting one of my favorite local haunts By Eric Waisman, Jaunty’s Founder ​”Cut down my trunk and make a boat,” said the tree. The Giving Tree gave everything to the boy because it made her happy. I talk about this classic kids’ book by Shel Silverstein from time to time; it was one of my favorites. ​Today […]

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