Can money buy happiness?

PictureVisiting one of my favorite local haunts

By Eric Waisman, Jaunty’s Founder

​”Cut down my trunk and make a boat,” said the tree. The Giving Tree gave everything to the boy because it made her happy. I talk about this classic kids’ book by Shel Silverstein from time to time; it was one of my favorites.

Today is #GivingTuesday. There is a crazy little hack to happiness, and it’s giving. My happiest moment last year was at Camp Grounded. I was surrounded by loved ones and music at the camp snack shop.

Picture“Ice-cream_sandwich” by Sweet Flour Bake Shop

 Lots of people were cuddling on the lawn and they looked hungry. So I bought everyone a huge ice cream sandwich.I tried to do it anonymously and have the shop pass them out, but everyone found out it was me. I saw so many people light up when they were given a surprise ice cream. I felt euphoric. Weirdly euphoric.

Studies show that people who spend their money on others are happier than if they spend it on themselves. There’s something about doing nice things for others that makes us feel really good.

Now, there are people who ask for too much, and who are not very appreciative, like the boy in “The Giving Tree”. This is where our Jaunty skills of reading others and assertiveness really kick in. You can choose relationships in your life that are two way streets.

Picture“Joplin, MO Home Build,” State Farm, Flickr, CC by 2.0.

We are blessed at Jaunty that we get to give everyday. I hope you try out this happiness strategy and do more to be of service and help others, today and every day. As Anne Frank once said, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

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