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Case Study: Solomon Joseph, CPPS at UCSF Medical Center

Solomon “Nothing held back” “I’m an immigrant,” says Solomon Joseph, a hospital assistant with a startup dream. He came to the U.S. three-and-half years ago, “Legally,” he hastens to point out. He wasn’t sure how to engage with people in this new culture. When he went out socially and told people he was from Pakistan, […]

I wrote a song

Eric with his guitar By Eric Waisman, Jaunty’s Founder​“I’m too busy.” “I don’t have time for that anymore.”​“I love [ insert activity / hobby / dream here ] but I haven’t done it in ages. It’d be too hard to get back to it.” Sound familiar? I hear these complaints everyday. Remember that Rolling Stones song? […]

Case Study: Issam, Regulatory Affairs at Dynarex 

Issam in San Francisco “I started drifting away from people,” says Jaunty graduate, Issam. Eight years ago, fresh out of college, he moved to the Bay Area from the East Coast, where he’d lived since moving from Syria when he was ten. In California, he made “deep friendships”. Then in 2010, something shifted. “I was […]

Don’t Drop the Ball

By Eric Waisman, Jaunty’s Founder Everyone has ups and downs. The best of the best, whoever that means to you, do too. Here at Jaunty, we often work with people at the top of their game, and literally at the top of the economic, social, and psychological food chain. When we read their bios or […]

​Case Study: Varun Kaushik, Refinery Project Engineer at Chevron

Varun with a paddleboat Small talk always came easily to Varun Kaushik, who graduated from Jaunty’s six-week course. “I dabble in a lot of different things and get to meet a lot of people,” Varun says. He goes to Meetups for hiking, networking, biking, improv, tennis, Spanish, wine tasting, etc. But he wanted to learn […]

​Don’t be Afraid of Alone Time

,By Eric Waisman, Jaunty’s Founder Big family meals, office holiday parties, and festive happy hours. There’s this misconception that only introverts need alone time and extroverts can just keep going and going. Well guess, what? We all need time that’s just for us. As we move into the holiday season it might seem counter-intuitive to think […]

Get Your @#$% Together, If You Want

By Eric Waisman, Jaunty’s Founder How are you doing at life? Where are you right now? Kicking some ass? Struggling a bit? Somewhere in between? I was recently invited to Vanity Fair’s Summit here in SF. I got to see some amazing speakers, people who in a lot of ways are kicking ass and people who […]

Case Study: Andrea Misir, Owner at The Millennial Career Coach

There are few activities as important and disliked as networking. Fortunately, brushing up your social intelligence skills can help. At Jaunty’s free workshops and courses, we learned how to have the confidence to approach anyone, strike up a conversation, and build a genuine connection. Once we have the skills, we’re able to put an emotional […]

Fire your Personal Paparazzi

By Eric Waisman, Jaunty’s Founder​Whoever invented the selfie stick must be a billionaire by now. I recently got back from traveling to Israel for a family wedding and then Greece to spend time with family and friends. It was a great trip. In Greece I spent most of my time in Oia on Santorini. You’d […]

A Taste of Social Freedom

Photo credit: IR Deep By Fayette Fox, Jaunty’s Writer and Community ManagerOriginally published in Jaunty’s September 2014 newsletter “Let’s check out that art thing over there with the spinning umbrellas and then go to the Hug Deli.” This was my second year at Burning Man and I know I’ll keep going back for more. It’s […]

How to Talk with Powerful People

By Eric Waisman, Jaunty’s Founder I used to be a professional social butterfly. When I worked in finance for Merrill Lynch, part of my job was to attend black tie events three times a week, and schmooze. From private penthouse parties, to rented-out museums, I honed my social intelligence skills, chatting with the city’s elite. […]

Case Study: Byron Evora, Senior Sound Designer at Team Audio

Byron at Volcano Santorin, in Santorini, Greece By Byron Evora, Jaunty GraduateI work in the video game industry as a Sound Designer. It’s a pretty awesome job, but big changes in my life made me want to increase my social agility. I’m an introvert and while I’ve always seen myself as moderately social, I used […]

Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Human

By Eric Waisman, Jaunty’s Founder Raise your hand if you like people watching. I love people watching. I can’t see you but you’d probably be raising your hand if I were there. Most people I meet like people watching.   Recently, I was at the Grove, a coffee shop in SF. While I was in […]

Hot Steam and a Door Closed in my Face

By Eric Waisman, Jaunty’s Founder These are the people in our neighborhood. Summer camp was amazeballs. Camp Grounded, up in Mendocino, was four full days of campfires, workshops, jumping into rivers, ziplining, sneaking into camp crushes’ camps, ropes courses, and deep conversations. At this summer camp for adults, we were unplugged for four days… yet […]

Choose Yourself

By Chinh Huynh, Jaunty graduate “Hey Brian, do you have a second?” Brian continued looking at the screen, deep in thought. “Is this going to be quick?” “Yes. I’d like to let you know that I won’t be able to continue working on your project. Thank you for the opportunities that you gave me.” I […]

Riding the Social Express

By Fayette Fox, Jaunty’s Writer and Community Manager During “smoke stops” the train stopped long enough for passengers to get off for some fresh air (or a cigarette). My favorite smoke stop ritual involved racing back and forth along the platform with Tyler and four of our new friends. Tyler and I were on our […]

From Social Anxiety to Social Trainer

By Jaunty Social Trainer, Craig Gibbons I was never a naturally social person. Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with some social anxiety. I had fear in dating as well as making friends. I often had interactions where I didn’t know what to say or felt a lingering awkwardness. Making connections with others was extremely important […]

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