Improving your Monday Conversation

Hey everyone! Your March Challenge should be a walk in the park this month.

How’s the social life?

I hope it’s going well on all fronts!

For your monthly challenge:

This weekend try to pin a high point to memory that you can use when asked, “How was your weekend?” on Monday. This is a trick I use a lot. By putting some recent highlights in the forefront of your memory bank you’ll have not only more to say on Monday, but something more positive a well.
You can start doing this more and more, not just on the weekends.


Co-Worker: How was your weekend?

Me: Great, I remembered how spontaneous I can be! Some friends and I ended up singing karaoke with dozens of strangers Saturday night, I lost my voice! What did you get up to?

In this case you are also giving them options for answers:

1) connecting with you on being spontaneous
2) Sharing a karaoke experience
3) talking about themselves and their weekend. There are more options they have but you get the point.

You can even get good at seeing the path they chose and use your conversational agility skills to go deeper with them in conversation.
So try creating a little cork board in your head where you can pin recent experiences so you can be open and vulnerable automatically, which will make it easier for the other person to do the same in your presence.

Best, Eric Waisman

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