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I recently was in Austin, one my favorite US cities. I stayed with a good friend who can do anything, from guitar building to running a podcast to starting a company. He’s really inspiring. I recommend hanging out with people like that as much as you can.

In addition to his vintage camera he snapped this moody pic with, he has a 1940’s Royal typewriter sitting in the middle of his living room.  It weighs a ton. I asked him about it and he explained it’s where he writes his songs. “It has no delete button, oh, and also the Q doesn’t work so you need to use the O and draw a tail on it after,” he said.

Vintage stuff is cool looking and romantic, but there is another important reason the manual typewriter is so effective. “It changes how I write for the better, “ he added.


I tried it. He gave me a prompt and I started typing away. I made a lot of mistakes but I kept going. Quickly, for the first time in my life, I was in the flow during creative writing. It did change writing for me, I can attest to that as I am struggling writing this in front of an eye-irritating screen.  So I picked one up off Craigslist and write for 10 minutes a day.

Here’s my point and my challenge for you:

Pick one thing that you love doing, and:
Step 1: Make it super convenient to do that even the laziest person in the world has no excuses.
Step 2. Revisit step 1. Often.

Example: I play guitar. Therefore I have a guitar two feet from my desk, at eye level, at my office and at home. 

This can be done with anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sport, being social with friends, traveling, or even sex. The key is to start on one thing. Spend as long as you need getting that thing dialed-in. Then, you can add another.

This is a big part of Jaunty’s approach to social intelligence. Immerse with accountability until it becomes second nature, it might even become easy. Try it out.

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