A Taste of Social Freedom

PicturePhoto credit: IR Deep

By Fayette Fox, Jaunty’s Writer and Community Manager
Originally published in Jaunty’s September 2014 newsletter

“Let’s check out that art thing over there with the spinning umbrellas and then go to the Hug Deli.”

This was my second year at Burning Man and I know I’ll keep going back for more. It’s the sense of community I feel out there from 70,000 people coming together to build a temporary city in the desert. It’s people’s openness, emotional vulnerability and how present we are without the distractions of our phones. And it’s the tremendous sense of social freedom I feel on the Playa.

The event has a reputation for being cool and it certainly is. But this is cool without attitude. It’s the real cool of people doing whatever they like and following their joy. It’s a nonjudgmental cool. If you want to play on the swings in a tutu, that’s great. (If you’re a dude then that’s great too.) If your joy is to walk around naked or in shorts and a t-shirt, or check out workshops on geology or astrology or bondage, that’s all cool too.


When I took Jaunty’s six-week course last spring, I learned that no one really cares what we do anyway. When we’re twisted up in knots with social anxiety, afraid of what other people will think of us, we’re the ones doing the twisting.

Over the past few months I had become a bit complacent and stopped pushing myself to do as many cold approaches. Burning Man was the kick in the pants I needed to get my Jaunty on again. On the Playa, I struck up conversations with countless strangers every day. It felt effortless and fun.

Now, back in the “default world,” I’ve cleaned the dust off my things, but I’ve kept that feeling of social freedom right here at my side. I feel more playful again, interacting with strangers and not worrying what other people think. To me, the Burning Man culture is a breath of fresh air and I feel energized to keep following my joy and building the community I want here in the Bay Area.

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