Why Jaunty

Imagine walking into a party where you know no one. Calm and confident you work the room, make people laugh over great conversations and leave with a date for next Saturday, a great new business contact, and the numbers of several new friends.

What’s holding you back?

Many of us are anxious striking up conversations with strangers, feel uncomfortable with public speaking or dread networking events.

But what if you were able to approach these same situations with ease and confidence, knowing exactly what to do? Picture a life for yourself where you can communicate with anyone and attract whoever you want.

Jaunty can help you become a social dynamo and make this dream a reality.

For building a foundation

Sometimes, it helps to simply start at the beginning. Some people are shy, feel awkward, or are downright nervous, whether one-on-one or in groups large and small. Here’s the good news: anything and everything can be learned. While we cannot control our past, we can learn from it  -and most importantly, we can use that to build a strong future. While building a social foundation with Jaunty, people with any level of social anxiety can work in a safe environment to practice and learn real-world skills and tactics for getting comfortable socially and being their best selves. Small changes and tweaks in the way we act can have massive ripple effects in the way we interact with others. We focus on helping people find, study and make those small changes.

For taking it to the next level

Can you take your social skills to the next level? Perhaps you’ve thrived for years, been told you’re gifted, won the awards, built something great. You’re on your game. But when the huge moment comes, will you be ready? The truth is, many feel as if they’re faking it, and that they’ll soon be revealed. At Jaunty we teach advanced skills that push you further,  cultivating a genuine, natural confidence, preparing you for that next big moment, and that will serve you well in a boardroom, investor pitch, or afterparty.

For romance

In a busy and highly-wired world, you’d think it’d be easier to find a partner. Instead, many find it harder than ever. Life snippets are played-out online, texts are more common than phone calls, and the rules seem to be ever-changing. So now, more than ever, making a genuine personal connection is pure relationship gold. Taking a close look at the science of attraction, we teach the nuanced skills of attracting and engaging with new people through body language, relationship management, magnetism and much more. Our mission for singles and couples is to help you make those connections with a confidence and style that is uniquely (and attractively) yours.

For business

People skills can make or break a business. We work best and are more likely to make the deal with people we trust and communicate well with. Jaunty’s courses help professionals succeed by opening their eyes to greater social intelligence. We cater to employees at all levels, including managers, salespeople, executives, entrepreneurs, and those new or returning to the workplace. We enhance job performance and advance careers through improved people and management skills, group presentation and public speaking, productivity, stress management and more.

What Our Alumni Say

Come get social!

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