Free Workshops to Teach You the Basics

Ever stuck making small talk or unable to get up the courage to approach that awesome person at the party? Wonder why some people exude magnetism and charisma? Fortunately, this summer, Jaunty is here to rejuvenate your social skills with our effective, free workshop!

This class starts at the beginning. This fun, interactive workshop is Jaunty’s first step into social mastery and includes a mix of theory, exercises, and time to mingle. We’ll look into the science of attraction and practice tried and tested techniques that will change the way you connect with people. Our workshop covers many social graces such as conversational agility, belief systems, and we’ll examine what may be holding you back from your highest potential.

If you want to create connections for friendships, romance, or business this workshop will teach you how to become a social dynamo.

Space is limited so please register and arrive early.

Virtual Social Intelligence Workshop

Virtual Social Intelligence Workshop

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